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Born in Weert at the gate of Limburg the Netherlands, I grew up as a kid with a facination for drawing and movies. Rolled into an education for audiovisual arts in Sint Lucas Eindhoven, and now doing Animation design at ArtEZ Zwolle. 

I'm a flexible worker who takes time making a good product and is very curious how things work. I am specialised in many art forms digitally as well analog. 

Has done internship at   - Glasbak in Heerlen (videoproduction)

                                          - Omroep SIRIS (local newsstation) 

Skilled in camerawork, drawing and photography.

Knows various Adobe programs such as;

- Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator and a little bit Muse. Has worked a little with 3DS Max in the past, and can do stopmotion animation and TVPaint animation.

I'm looking for a place which can help me becoming a story-artist. I want to help making storyboards and sketch out ideas and stories. I want to learn how to organize projects and talk with clients and besides that also animate! 

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